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Monkfield Substrates

Sphagnum Moss - loose

Our latest addition to our popular range of substrates is 10kg bag of Live Sphagnum Moss.

Perfect for increasing humidity and while it holds moisture it is naturally resistant to bacteria.

Simply soak the moss in clean water for 30 minutes . Squeeze to remove excessive water before use.

Suitable for use with all reptiles, amphibians and inverts.

Also available in 1kg bags.

Monkfield provide a full range of natural substrates catering for every type of reptile.

The range includes silica sand and many colours of calci sand, orchid bark, beech chip, tortoise terrain, aspen bedding, corn cob, coco fibre bricks, spider substrate, vermiculite, ground walnut and natracel.


Danielle Fenn
Sales Support


"I am Monkfields newest member, I enjoy my job and I'm looking forward to my future here."

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