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Frozen food

Monkfield Frozen Bags

We began breeding rodents in response to market shortages in 2001 and set up a rodent farm in Eastern Europe.

Over the past ten years, the growth has exceeded all our expectations, which has led to our farm being the largest of its kind in Europe. 

We believe we now produce the best quality frozen rodent sold in the UK today.

Mice Mice are raised on premium diets, humanely euthanised, accurately graded, and neatly packed. read more
Rats Rats are bred both on our own farm, and sourced from other ethical European farms. read more
Chicks Chicks are humanely euthanised, boxed and blast frozen. read more

Aquatic Monkfield launched their own brand range of blister packed frozen fish food in 2009, which has proved very popular with clients. read more
Other Other frozen foods include rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mulitmammates and quail. read more

Monkfield is licensed by DEFRA as an intermediary plant to handle and distribute Category 3 material. All frozen rodents and poultry are classed as category 3 material for reptile and raptor feed only. DEFRA approval number 05/233/0012 ABP MED.

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Peter Morris
Senior Manager


"Monkfield aim to provide excellent customer service, with the interests of the customer and industry at heart."

Frozen Food - A user guide

All frozen food should be defrosted thoroughly before use. Do not defrost with warm water or in the microwave. Some cases of salmonella have been reported as a result of handling frozen rodents. To reduce risks, wash and disinfect hands and any surfaces coming into contact with rodents after feeding.


Frozen Food Pack Size Guide

 Monkfield Frozen Food Pack Size Guide

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