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Krill - Large

Monkfield launched their own brand range of blister packed frozen fish food in 2009, which has proved very popular with clients.

Monkfield supply Artemia (Brine Shrimp), Bloodworm, Cichlid Mix, Cockle Meat, Cocktail Shrimps, Daphnia, Dillies, Discus Mix, Krill (small and large), Malawi Mix, Mussel Meat, Mysis, Tropical Sextet, Tubifex and Turtle Food. Most are packed in 100g blister packs containing 30 individual portions.

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Jennifer Docherty
Sales Support


"Since joining Monkfield many things have grown, changed and moved forward in our company and the industry as a whole. From enhanced personnel to an extensive product range, from new technologies to streamlined processes - but one thing that has remained constant, and always will, is our joint determination to be the best we can and to keep our customers' needs our prime target and greatest reward."

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