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Rat Bagged

Rats are bred both on our own farm, and sourced from other ethical European farms.

Rats are carefully graded and neatly packed into 9 sizes. Rat Pups (less than 10g), Rat Fluffs (10-25g), Small Weaner Rats (25-50g), Large Weaner Rats (51-95g), Small Rats (100-150g), Medium Rats (155-250g), Large Rats (251-355g), Extra Large Rats (356-450g) and Giant Rats (451g plus).

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Georgie Bilborough
Office Manager


"I have been part of the team at Monkfield for 10 years which has grown from a small family run business to a market leader.  We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as great Livefoods, this is a service that has to be at the forefront of a business like ours.  I look forward to being a part of this family company for many years to come."

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