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Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation for supplying quality livestock to the trade.

We have a wide range of reptiles available - from our own breeding programme and from reputable UK and overseas breeders and suppliers.

Please contact us for your nearest supplier.

Reptiles have gained in popularity as pets over the last 20 years.  They make a rewarding and interesting pet due to their unique behaviours, as long as their specific needs are provided for in captivity.

Many species are relatively easy to keep, with the correct set up. It is very important when considering keeping any pet, including reptiles, to be fully aware of the animals needs and whether it is the right pet for you.

Lizards Lizards are offered from Monkfield's breeding projects and also sourced from reputable UK and overseas breeders and suppliers. A wide range of species are always available. read more
Snakes We offer a wide selection of colubrids, of which a large proportion are bred at our own facility. A variety of boas and pythons are also available including some of the increasingly popular morphs. read more
Tortoises / Turtles and Terrapins
Tortoises / Turtles and Terrapins The most popular species of tortoise, turtles and terrapins are available from Monkfield, with a few less common ones being offered from time to time. read more

Amphibians There is a good selection of amphibians available from Monkfield, which range from some of the more commonly kept pet frogs to some of the rarer species. read more
Arachnids A good variety of arachnids are available throughout the year from Monkfield. The selection we offer caters for the novice arachnid keeper as well as the more advanced collector read more
Invertebrates There is a good range of invertebrates available from Monkfield with most of these being sourced from UK and overseas breeders and suppliers. read more

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