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A good variety of arachnids are available throughout the year from Monkfield. The selection we offer caters for the novice arachnid keeper as well as the more advanced collector.

Arachnids have gained in popularity as a pet species. One of the factors being that a lot of the species are relatively easy to keep, also they are interesting to watch and take very little space to house.


Popular Arachnids

Chile Rose Tarantula

Chile Rose Tarantula (Gramastola rosea)

This tarantula can be found in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. Adults can reach a leg span of 4.5 - 5.5 inches and their diet consists mainly of insects. They are relatively calm and docile and make an ideal first spider.

Metallic Pink Toe Tarantula

Metallic Pink Toed Tarantula (Avicularia metallica)

Pink toe tarantulas are an arboreal spider and originate from South America. Their natural environment has a high humidity level and their diet also consists mainly of insects.

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