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Lizards are offered from Monkfield's breeding projects and also sourced from reputable UK and overseas breeders and suppliers. A wide range of species are always available.

Lizards are a widespread group of reptiles that vary from continent to continent. There is estimated to be over 3500 species currently in existence.

Monkfield's breeding projects focus on the more popular species of lizards. These include Bearded Dragons, in a large variety of colour morphs, with bloodlines originating from the Sandfire Dragon ranch, Fire and Ice, and many more which have helped Monkfield to create its own lines. Bearded Dragons are the most interactive lizard commercially bred in the UK today. Currently we are working with a group of Xenagama, an exciting little lizard that grows to about 3 inches in size. Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos and Yemen Chameleons are also bred at Monkfield.

Monkfield Lizards

XenagamaYemen ChameleonCrested Gecko

Bearded DragonLeopard Geckos85 - Monkfield Bloodline Bearded Dragon

Xenagama - Baby 2High Yellow Bearded DragonXenagama - Baby

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