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Starting from nothing more than a small cricket colony, we have through hard work, passion and innovation become a well-established market leader in reptiles and reptile products. A family business at heart with a team of extremely knowledgeable, loyal, dedicated staff, we aim to help you find the right products for your customers at the right price.

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  • “I have been doing business with Monkfield Nutrition for 15 years plus, I still feel every time I speak to a staff member, I am speaking to a family business.”

    Reptile Haven
  • “Having dealt with Monkfield for well over fifteen years, their service has always been professional and prompt. Monkfield sets the bar when it comes to livefood production and continue to do so.”

    R McNuff, Sciento

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    Posted in: Industry news

    Under one roof again!

    Following the successful acquisition of Arcadia Reptile in the Spring of this year, we have today acquired the Aquatic side of the business also. The Arcadia brand is a well...

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    Posted in: Captive Breeding

    Behind the scenes: Royal Python New Arrivals

    With a little help from us the Royal Pythons eggs are starting to hatch and there are lots of them!! On average each hatchling weighs approximately 60-100g. Here...

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    Posted in: General

    The Heat is on...

    Are you taking extra care of your animals in this heat? Reptiles are cold blooded and use their environment to regulate their body temperature moving to different temperature zones throughout...

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