Exo Terra Breeding Box, Large

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- Clear, plastic terrarium
- Ideal for transporting terrarium animals or live foods
- Stackable for display or breeding purposes
- Side-angled ventilation slits
- Large door for easy access

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The Exo Terra Breeding Box is a clear plastic terrarium, ideal for transporting terrarium animals or live foods.
It features a special feeding door at the front of the lid, which allows access for easy feeding and watering, even when the units are stacked.

The angled ventilation provides an optimal air-flow at all times, even when the unit is stacked.

Available in three sizes:
Exo Terra Breeding Box, Small, L20.5 x D20.5 x H14cm
Exo Terra Breeding Box, Medium, L30 x D20 x H15cm
Exo Terra Breeding Box, Large, L41.5 x D26.5 x H14.8cm

All measurements are length x depth x height.

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