Exo Terra Canopy Worm Dish

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Quick Overview

- Elevated, escape-free worm feeder-dish
- Perfect for tree dwelling reptiles and amphibians
- Great for rock-climbing lizards and geckos
- Natural rock design, integrates in desert and tropical terrariums


The Exo Terra Canopy Worm Dish is an elevated, escape-free worm feeder-dish that can be mounted at any desired height. Simply stick the self-adhesive clip to the glass of your terrarium and mount the feeder-dish to provide your reptiles constantly with mealworms.

The Exo Terra Canopy Worm Dish prevents mealworms from escaping, while they remain visible to the terrarium inhabitants. The convenient clip-system allows you to easily remove the dish for a refill or cleanup. The Exo Terra Canopy Worm Dish is constructed in two parts to facilitate cleaning.

Perfect for tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians, who are often reluctant to use ground-level food dishes.

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