Exo Terra Glass Turtle Terrarium, L60 x D45 x H30/45cm

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Quick Overview

- Stylish bent glass aquatic terrarium
- Extended water surface
- Lower front panel for perfect viewing
- Easy access and close interaction with animals


The Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium is the ideal housing for aquatic turtles and other aquatic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

The Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium is a solid and sturdy all-glass terrarium, created to provide aquatic turtles or other aquatic animals with a natural aquatic environment. The lower front panel with bent corners enables a perfect view and allows better interaction with your animals.

The terrarium's extra wide, extended water surface provides more living and swimming space for your aquatic animals. The extended surface also allows multiple landscaping possibilities, in order to create a more natural appealing aquatic terrarium environment. Its smooth design integrates nicely into any living room.

The Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium can also be used for some ground dwelling species, such as land crabs, leopard geckos and tortoises.

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Additional Information

Brand Exo Terra
Dimensions L60 x D45 x H30/45 cm (24 x 18 x 12/18")