Exo Terra Heat Wave Desert Mat, Small

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- Ideal for dry or desert terrariums
- Conductive heat source for reptiles and arachnids
- Helps in thermo regulating
- Safe, even heat distribution

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The Exo Terra Heat Wave Desert Heat Mat simulates heated sand beds by the sun in deserts. The power of the Heat Wave Desert Heat Mat is designed to safely create these conditions in the terrarium.

The Desert Mat creates a safe, heat distribution which helps reptiles thermo regulate, which is essential for metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity.

Suits all types of ground or tree dwelling species as the mat can be mounted on the back, sides or under the terrarium.

Available in three sizes:
Extra Small: 10 x 12.5cm
Small: 20 x 20cm
Medium: 26.5 x 28cm

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