Exo Terra Natural Light Compact Lamp, 25W

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- Full spectrum daylight bulb for all reptiles and amphibians
- Recommended for all terrarium types
- High visual light output
- Stimulates plant growth

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The Exo Terra Natural Light Compact Lamp is a full spectrum daylight bulb with a very high visual light output and high colour rendering index (98 CRI) suitable for all types of terrarium.

The high light output means this bulb is particularly suited to planted terrariums and it is ideal for animals with lower UV requirements, such as snakes, amphibians (frogs, toads and salamanders) and nocturnal animals.

The Natural Light Compact Lamp can be combined with the Exo Terra's Reptile UVB100, Reptile UVB150 or Reptile UVB200 , depending on the reptile's UV requirements, to intensify natural sunlight conditions.

Available in 13 or 25 Watts.

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