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Caring for Live Food in Cold Weather

Caring for Live Food in Cold Weather

Caring for Live Food in Cold Weather

During the cold weather we make every effort to ensure that your live food arrives as warm as possible. All our vans are heated and we use a variety of different packing methods, depending on the severity of the predicted weather. This may include heat packs, lining of boxes or wrapping of live food. However, despite all our efforts your live food may often arrive looking lifeless. In order to bring your live food around it is essential that you carefully follow the instructions below.

Upon receipt of your live food:

• Unpack the outer boxes • Lay out all pre-packs so that air can circulate around them • Place the tubs in a warm dry room (18-25 degrees centigrade) • DO NOT under any circumstances apply external heat to cold live food. • DO NOT put them on heat pads/strips, in a warm vivarium or shine lights on them. This is very important as trying to warm live food up too quickly will kill them. • For bulk quantities in bags – hold the bag horizontally and gently shuffle the bag to spread the cold insects out and leave them horizontally to recover as above. • Full recovery may take between 2-4 hours, so please allow your insects plenty of time. 99% of live food will recover fully providing they are treated correctly upon arrival. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer service team on 01223 208261 or email Download your Caring for Live Food in Cold Weather care sheet here.