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Like buses, they always come at once......

Like buses, they always come at once......

Like buses, they always come at once......

Hot on the heels of their new substrates range, Exo Terra have launched three new thermostats and two misting systems.

So let’s start with the thermostats....

The choice of thermostats available today is considerable: Dimming, Mat, Pulse or Combination thermostats.
For its first foray into the thermostat market, Exo Terra have developed an on/off thermostat and a dimming thermostat.

On/Off thermostats are considered an entry level model. They accurately control the temperature, are simple to operate and ideal for use with heat mats and heat cables. The Exo Terra thermostat features a recessed dial meaning the temperature cannot be changed accidentally, similar to the Microclimate Ministat.

The Exo Terra Dimming thermostat features an additional pulse setting allowing a heat bulb or a ceramic bulb to be controlled using the same stat. The Day/Night functionality ensures you can provide heat at all times of the day and night.

On the surface these thermostats appear to have very similar functions to their main competitors although Exo Terra have gone for a more sleek and stylish unit and the decision to place the cables at the back of the casing makes the Exo Terra model stand out from the crowd. The sheer volume of cables on show has long been an eyesore for many!

So, last but by no means least the misting systems, which can be divided into fine spray systems and fog systems.

The new and improved Exo Terra Misting Systems generate a fine mist at programmed intervals and therefore sit alongside our existing range of fine spray systems from Zoo Med (Repti Rain) and Hobby (Tropic Rain).

The two models, Monsoon Solo and Monsoon Multi, include all the key features you would expect: Easy to set up and install, programmable, nozzles that can be pointed in any direction and easy to refill water reservoirs. The key point of difference is the arrival of a system that can be operated across 6 individual tanks, making it ideal for hobbyists with a large collection of animals. The Exo Terra Monsoon Multi has an 8 Litre reservoir which can house 6 flexible spray nozzles. The fact that there are only two in the pack should not be a deterrent as these can be purchased individually.

As with all misting systems the downsides are the calcification of the tubes and nozzles for which there is no easy solution as yet other than to use purified water. A word of caution, if using this type of misting system in a sealed Bio-Active system, make sure you have a proper drainage layer, such as hydroballs, to avoid over watering and saturating the substrate. Any excess water should be extracted from the drainage layer.